Children’s Advisory Network is dedicated to the lives of children and the important mission of working to help children of all income levels communicate their wants and needs in their daily lives through:

  • Speech Therapy

  • Language Therapy

  • Pragmatic Therapy

  • Interactive Therapy

All children should be able to communicate effectively to the people in their lives, and we are dedicated to helping children achieve these goals. Want to support the cause? Donate or volunteer today!

She just really took off talking after pony camp. She was telling everyone about her horse and was using long sentences. It was amazing!

Before speech therapy, no one could understand this little boy. One year later he watched a video of himself, looked at his parents and clearly said, “wow, how did you ever understand what I was saying?” A special moment for the family and the little boy – everyone could see just how much he has grown!

It is unbelievable how she started talking after several sessions on the horse. She is now using 4-5 word sentences and just talks all the time!