About Karen E. Todd

Karen is the Executive Director and Founder of the non-profit Children’s Advisory Network. She specializes in children 2 years to 18 years with learning and language disorders, auditory processing, sensory motor issues and autism. Identification in preschools and daycare centers is also a specialty. Karen has been a therapist, supervisor, and trainer for over 25 years. She serves Lakewood, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, Parker, and South Aurora.

Your Child is Spoiled Rotten

Have you heard these comments before about your child? Your child is spoiled rotten. You give him anything he wants. Your child is a spoiled brat. Well, this can be true for some parents however, children with special needs often fall into this category. What I mean is, children with social emotional difficulties or sensory

Advocate for your child!

We hear the word all the time, advocate. Do we really need to advocate for our child? Aren’t the schools there to help our children? Don’t we make routine visits to the pediatrician? In theory, our child should be receiving the most beneficial services to address their needs, however, the world is changing. Budget cuts

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