Good morning moms and dads! This is the 1st blog I would like to share with you about improving your child’s speech and language. My husband and I were talking about how important experience is for certain fields of study. We learn about different disorders and symptoms while in college with no real reference. However, as we work with children you learn more than anyone can teach you at school. Then after having children we are even more experienced with issues and methods that work to stimulate speech and language development

The Children’s Advisory Network just finished up Pony Camp. This program was started several years ago so all of our in home clients could experience the value of “speech therapy on a horse”.  The horse riding strengthens the child’s muscles used for speech and stimulates the brain. The horse also decreases sensory overload that many children experience which decreases cognition and language use. The horse is a wonderful tool that stimulates speech, decreases sensory overload, and increases self esteem. We will talk more about pony camp next week.

I am hoping to continue this blog every Wednesday! I have been trying to start this blog for over a year. So, at least I got started. Please let me know if you have anything you would like help with at home for your child’s speech development. I will check comments before I blog next week.